About MxCog Marcus Clements - London based AI researcher and web engineer

MxCog is based in London UK, specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and web application development. As a recently founded consultancy we are offering very attractive rates and conditions to new customers. We work at even further discounted rates for non-profits and charities.

Please email Marcus on mc(at)mxcog.com to discuss your requirements.


Marcus Clements

Consultant Software Engineer and AI Researcher in London, UK

Marcus is a software engineer with 18 years experience, in recent years leading teams developing web applications for the broadcast industry. In 2015 Marcus changed career focus to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research. In June 2016, he graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a 1st class honours BSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence.

His BSc thesis, was original research investigating the use of Empowerment (Klyubin et al., 2005), an information-theoretic measure of an agent’s ability to affect its environment, as an intrinsic motivation for agents in a Java simulation of a team sport. The results showed that the use of empowerment as a utility function, without any goal-directed planning, led to recognisable team sport behaviours including passing, finding space and interceptions. A paper co-authored with his supervisor at Herts Prof. Daniel Polani, entitled Empowerment as a Generic Utility Function for Agents in a Simple Team Sport Simulation, was presented at the SPECOM/ICR-2017 conference, September 12-16 2017 in Hatfield. Marcus' experience as a software engineer was invaluable during the implementation of the simulation, particularly in applying automated software testing techniques to model-checking and producing repeatable experiments for key results.


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)