MxCog Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web engineering - London UK

Based in London UK, MxCog specialises in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Web Application Development. We deliver intelligent software solutions for our clients most challenging problems.

Client Projects


Factmata are an exciting startup using AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for fact-checking to reduce online misinformation and detect Fake News.

MxCog are providing full-stack Python consultancy for an upcoming prototype and NLP API development.

Virtual Post V:Portal

Virtual Post provide post production services to the TV and Movie industry. V:Portal is a media asset management system built with Drupal on Vidispine and Amazon Web Services.

MxCog provide development and support for the platform.


Original research based on Empowerment - an information-theoretic measure of an agent's ability to affect it's environment through it's actuators as measured by it's sensors.

The output of this research was been published as a paper at the SPECOM/ICR17 conference at Hertfordshire University in September 2017. The paper is available from Springer here.